About Delays...

It has been more than a month since my last update, and boy have we been busy here!
My son finished third grade and we only have 8 weeks to celebrate before he goes back to start the fourth grade.

Summer has been filled with exciting adventures so far.
We had an impromptu ice cream social on the last day of school. It was great fun!

The kids and I enjoyed a trip to the zoo with friends where we saw flamingos,

we petted sharks
 and pointed at jellyfish.
 We also enjoyed a dolphin show

and a dog show!

 My four year old even participated in the dog show. She took her hat to the center of the ring so that the performers could show us how sensitive the dog's noses are. After she left the ring, a dog came out, sniffed her hat and walked around the crowd until he found her.

It was a fun day for all of us!

 We took a trip to a strawberry farm, where the kids were able to pick their own berries!

These fresh picked, organically grown strawberries are the sweetest, 
most delicious strawberries I can recall ever tasting!

When we couldn't go outside, we found interesting activities to do inside.
My son created a costume out of boxes from our recycling bin.

My daughter asked me to make her toenails fancy and she now has polka dotted toe nails.

While the kids played, I created. I pulled a box of quilt pieces, that my Great Grandmother cut more than 47 years ago, out of the garage and sorted through it to create a few squares of my own. In so doing,  I have stumbled upon my newest project.

This is my BIG story. It deserves its own post.
I hope that you have found ways to make your summer enjoyable as well. :)


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