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Hygge pronounced 'hue-guh"

I recently discovered the practice of hygge, which very closely describes the goal I have for gatherings, be they small or large, in our home. I found a wonderful article Here , and modified it into a note I could easily post on our refrigerator as a constant reminder of our goal to practice hygge often in our home. Following my modification of the original article. Hygge is a noun, a verb, an adjective, and a mood to be in. Perhaps most importantly, it’s a value. It is valuing drama free time together with your family as sacred. It is creating a psychological safe space. It is valuing connecting in the moment without having to put your guard up. It’s about agreeing that for a limited period of time that everyone will leave their past issues, work stresses, complaining, gossip and negativity at the door. It is turning your phones off and helping out so not one person gets stuck doing all the work. It is working as a team in every sense. It is “we time” not “me time” and it takes a con…

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