10 Projects in 10 Days: Project 1 complete

As per my usual, I went off the plan and made a different project for day one.
My daughter (a size 6 or 6x in little girls) received an XL tank top from a friend.
It made a decent little dress as it was, but hung around the neck and the sleeves kept slipping off of her shoulders.
I made a few adjustments to the length of the straps and added ruffles (my first successful ruffles!) to the shoulder straps. Now she has a gorgeous little summer dress that she is quite proud to show off!

On a sad note I broke the tightening screw, that holds the needle in place, off of my machine in the process.  Now I won't be able to sew anything for at least three weeks while the machine is repaired.
I am going to check with one of my computer savvy friends and find out why I am unable to add photos to my posts.
Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little space on the internet. Have a lovely day!
Until next time,

I will post a photo of the completed dress soon. 


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