I used the recipe found here  Directions to make Whipped Super Laundry Soap  It took me 45 mins (maybe longer) to mix all of the ingredients and cook them. Then I had to wait another 3 to 5 hours to uses the detergent, but it was worth the wait! My husband says I have a bionic nose, and the clothes? They just smell clean!
I messed up the recipe a little bit (be sure you have two quart jars in advance of your preparation process), but the detergent still works great. Our clothes are so nice, even the microfleece that had urine in it came out smelling clean!

This is a new recipe. I am trying it for the first time today. It only took 20 mins to make, no waiting to use until it set. I like that part. Though, because there is no added water, I made half the amoount of detergent with the same amount of ingredients. Also, I am using in a HE machine. I will report if there are any problems.
Directions to make powdered home made detergent on Simply Designing with Ashley
I do not like the cleaning power of the powdered version near as well as the whipped. Also, I made a second, less concentrated (I actually followed all of the directions and used two quart sized jars) version of the whipped, and it does not pull smells out as well with as little detergent as my first, more concentrated batch did. Still, with 1 1/2 Tblsp, it gets the laundry clean and smelling nice.


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