I've recently discovered the plethora of tutorials available via Pinterest links and am raring to go! My first project, re-staining my boring bathroom vanity. If you can't move, at least you can make it feel like you are in a new space.
I have not completed the process, but have given it a good start. In my next post, you will see photos as I went along the process, along with a link to the
 directions and modifications I needed to make to get the results I wanted.
I'm learning as I go here. I just realized that it seems I can't create more than one post per extra page in my blog? I hope this is user error.
Anyhow, I will now post the pictures, the link to the tutorial and my modifications here for you. The link:
Before you attempt this project, make sure you read all the way through Monica's directions, second, read the comments, there are some folks with really good advice (that helped me immensely, or would have, had I followed it) posting on her blog comments.
First, the pictures, again, I'm not quite finished, but when I am, I will post the completed project photos here for you to see.


 Old Ugly Brass Hinges
I purchased a mass quantity of satin nickel hinges on Amazon, they looked just like these, only a better color. When they arrived I discovered, to my great dismay, that they were slightly smaller, which explains the next step.
 Holes I Need to Fill
If you would like to avoid this step, I suggest you go to your local hardware store and match up your current hardware to hardware they have in stock, so you can know what size of hinge to order.
 Prepped and Ready to Stain
Isn't it pretty? Toilet officially out of commission. This was March 7.
 Tools Used for Prep Cleaning
A note here; a more ecologically sound version would be to use a double sided sponge to scrub the yuck off of your existing surface.
 After the first Stain Coat 
Note about this step; I wiped too much, if you make a thick first layer, you will have fewer consecutive layers.
 The Official Stain of this Project
According to the tutorial, you should not substitute any other stain for this project. 
The tutorial leads you to Amazon to purchase the stain, and that was exactly what I did. I paid an exorbenant shipping fee as well. Before you purchase your stain through Amazon, which is selling out quickly, check your local naked furniture store. They are quite likely to carry this same stain, and you will probably save money and definitely shipping time buying from them. Oh, and those cheap rubber gloves? Skip them, get the yellow kind instead, that way you won't have stained fingers from holes when you are finished.
After the Second Coat of Stain
Again, I wiped too much, just make sure there are not raised streaks and go away to relax a while. Yes, the stain stinks.
Stained Doors
Be sure you get deep into the crevices, this is where those sturdy yellow rubber gloves will save your fingertips from being stained. Wipe away any globs of stain in the corners, you might want to have an extra sock, or sock like rag on hand for this, because the cheese cloth did not work as well as I had hoped. In fact, that cheese cloth did not really help me much at all for this project, and of course, I purchased a bunch, because it was cheaper that way. Not to worry, I will use it in the kitchen or for other projects. I think I will go look up some cheesecloth involving projects on Pinterest right now, while I wait on a new drill.
Where are the finished product photos? 
Still on the camera card. I am waiting to put the rest of the hardware on the doors, because my drill battery died and DH discovered that the cost of a new battery was in line with the cost of a new drill, so he is deciding which new drill he wants to purchase. Meanwhile, I will add another top coat and wait. In a house with small children, and non-delicate adults, an extra top coat, to protect my hard work of staining, is a must! 

The Finished Color

I am still waiting on the correct hinges for beveled doors, so I am unable to share the finished project, but at least you can get a good idea of what it will look like.

A little note about this project, put your long hair in a ponytail or under a hat. 
I had some problems with stray hairs getting into the finish.  
After the Handle Install
Gorgeous, right?!
 Waiting on Hinges
 Completed Vanity

 The Next Project
(replacing the outdated, blah mirror)

  The good news is, this vanity project is finally complete, and in less than a month (though it feels a little longer, and the kids are still getting used to being able to use "their bathroom" again).


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